Monday, March 2, 2009

Shark Fishing Ban: a step forward

Last week the Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture has banned shark fishing in all Atolls of Maldives. The range extends to 12 nautical miles from the rim of each atoll. This step was taken so as to protect the reef shark stock of the country which has now declined to a serious level.

Right now the fisheries ministry is working to ban oceanic shark fisheries as well and to put a total ban on export of shark products. So most probably within a year this would happen.

It has taken years to bring about this change and it would not have happened if not for the dedication of a lot of people in various sectors.

Right now the major concern is to enforce these regulations.

For more information check out

picture taken at a local island

all species of sharks are fished

shark meat drying in the sun

whale shark researchers and dive staff of Four Seasons Landaa Giraavaru...

...hitches rides and harrases these animals. site: Baa Atoll Hanfiaru.

whale shark with its dorsal fin nearly cut off. taken at South Ari Atoll.


Laurina said...

This is great news Zim!! thanks to your efforts in part I am sure :) Hope like you said that the new regulation is now enforced

Fenfulhangi said...

Civil Society should push towards Environemntal Officers on field...this si s a small country and development diverse...hired environmentalists to regulate the alws can be set up..already the bill for such a fund has been passed...the ministry needs to enforce it and start getting funding...UNless there are people to monitor the ban will be jsut a pice of paper...

Hilath said...

Fenfulhagi is right. These type of laws have existed but always on paper. The Environment Ministry so far has lacked any teeth to deal with the problem because they don't have any monitoring mechanism.

How many islands even now engage in turtle hunting and shark fishing but nothing is done about it. It's like a big public secret that everybody knows but nobody talks about it.

Worse, these kind of acts are blessed or undertaken by senior island officials who have political influence with politicians in Male' so even if the central government knows about this, they do nothing about it.

I think it would be too premature at this time to congratulate anyone for passing this law. I would wait and see how our new government goes about actually IMPLEMENTING this law before I congratulate them.

faixxal said...

making laws r a good proactive measure, but implementing it is the difficult part ... coz madivians r narrow minded .. they r always narrow minded ... this is a very sad truth .. just hope the new govt. can do something about it

Laurina said...

Hi everyone, yes passing hte law is a first step and hopefully the required awareness campaigns will also come into play. I'm sorry to say that most people are narrow minded - for example, I recently walked into a Chinese restaurant in Italy which served shark fin soup - even had it advertised on its special menu outside on the main street. None of my friends understood why I was upset. I don't think it's as much a question of narrow mindedness as a lack of appropriate information that is targeted in the right way. It's also up to us as citizens to hold the Government accountable...hopefully that will also be possible now too

MondoMaldive said...


this is a good news.
In last Italy Bit fair we met the President Nasheed and we spoke about this. We printed some pictures that Zim posted last year and we asked his help to stop this massacre.


Dude Crush said...

I really hope we can finally reach that full export ban as well. I agree with the other commentors on the lack of proper enforcement too. It's sad to even give importance to it this way, since the moral implications should be enough, but a good healthy reef is of extreme importance to our economy as well.

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