Wednesday, November 18, 2009

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

the heat is on

You can feel really feel the heat. Sometimes you wonder if it had been this hot always. Even 5 or 10 years back. The sea is no better. It’s warming up. Just a slight increase in temperature would be catastrophic. The coral reefs would bleach and it would take ages to recover. Scientists are predicting an El Nino to hit us towards the end of 2009 or beginning of 2010.

On October 24th as part of the 350 movement people from all over the country are going to campaign and call out to reduce the carbon emission to 350ppm and less. In Maldives 350 post cards are going to be sent to all the leaders of the world. Demonstrations are going to take place and vehicles would be halted. 350 divers would stay underwater for 24 hours on that day of action. All of these activities and more in defiance of climate change.

On one of his speeches the environment minister of Maldives stated that no one in the Maldives would like to be climate refugees. They would rather perish in their homelands than be in some strange land. Or grow gills to survive underwater.

WE the citizens of the world can’t just sit back and watch the world changing for the worst. WE need to rise up. Staying put is one of the worst things you can do. Spreading information and making everyone aware is a good beginning. But to combat global warming and reduce climate change we need to do more. A lot more. Everyone must rise up against it. WE must push the policy makers to go for a cleaner and greener way on doing everything.

Friday, October 9, 2009

350, it is more than just a number.

Despite the arguments by the skeptics there is a lot of evidence we see, here and feel that tells us climate change is real and global warming is affecting everything. The melting of ice causes rise in sea level and the increase in ocean temperature destroys the very coral reefs that is meant to guard the islands from the sea. Decrease in fisheries and an increase in irregular violent weather are just a few examples of what's happening.

The science is clear but the politicians haven’t made up their mind yet. Not all of them. And most of them are not on the same level on ways to combat climate change. So to make them listen and to make them care a movement called 350 started some years back. The focus is on the number 350 which stands for 350ppm of carbon in the atmosphere. Currently the concentration of carbon in the atmosphere is 387ppm and it is continuing to rise. We need to bring it down to 350ppm which is the maximum we can have. Otherwise life as we know would cease to exist. Humanity will suffer and the earth would just die out.

On October 24th which is marked as international day of climate action, people from all around the world, all countries and territories would be having actions which promote the number 350. The idea is to have many demonstrations so as to grab the attention of the media and make the world leaders listen to the people.

In Maldives several activities are going to take place. And one of the key events on the international day of action is the 24 hour Underwater Rally organized by the Divers Association of Maldives (DAM). 350 divers, diving in teams are going to spend 24 hours underwater. The message DAM is giving is that Maldives is sinking and it’s more than just a country being lost to the sea. A unique heritage is gone. An irreplaceable ecosystem is being destroyed. The rally would be one of a kind.

Another event organized by Divers Association of Maldives is the first ever underwater cabinet meeting. The President of Maldives along with all the cabinet ministers are going to meet underwater while using scuba. Using hand signals and slates they are going to endorse and sign a message from the people of Maldives to the world leaders meeting at Copenhagen this December for the Conference of Parties (COP 15).

The cabinet of Maldives with dive Instructors of DAM after completing their PADI Discover Scuba Diving Program.

One might think what direct benefit would come out when the cabinet meets underwater and from the underwater rally. There is none. Almost all the actions of October 24th are symbolical. So are the events organized by the Divers Association of Maldives. It is so as to grab the attention of people and make them aware of the number 350. To get the world leaders to implement ways to reduce to amount of carbon to 350ppm and below. We are on the edge. With just a couple of steps forward Maldives along with a number of other vulnerable countries will be lost beneath the waves. We ask everybody not to sign our suicide pact.

To lean more about 350 visit
To follow the 350 events of dam check out
Visit the DAM facebook page

All photos provided by Mohamed Seeneen (Sindi)

Monday, March 2, 2009

Shark Fishing Ban: a step forward

Last week the Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture has banned shark fishing in all Atolls of Maldives. The range extends to 12 nautical miles from the rim of each atoll. This step was taken so as to protect the reef shark stock of the country which has now declined to a serious level.

Right now the fisheries ministry is working to ban oceanic shark fisheries as well and to put a total ban on export of shark products. So most probably within a year this would happen.

It has taken years to bring about this change and it would not have happened if not for the dedication of a lot of people in various sectors.

Right now the major concern is to enforce these regulations.

For more information check out

picture taken at a local island

all species of sharks are fished

shark meat drying in the sun

whale shark researchers and dive staff of Four Seasons Landaa Giraavaru...

...hitches rides and harrases these animals. site: Baa Atoll Hanfiaru.

whale shark with its dorsal fin nearly cut off. taken at South Ari Atoll.