Tuesday, September 9, 2008

they mean no harm to the sharks!?!

“Nothing that will damage the environment is going to happen there. There is no chance” said the son of the developer of Baa Atoll Hanifaru. According to him there is not going to be any platforms for the sea planes to land. And the island isn’t going to be developed for agriculture. Three greenhouses that uses hydroponics is going to be built there plus a beach house.

Developers are known for plundering the natural environment of the places they are constructing. So we should all keep an eye what happens and is going to happen at that place. Just in case…

For those of you who have no idea where Hanifaru is and what we are talking about please check out



Fenfulhangi said...

eheheh thats what they all say..i eamn isnt he a big time politican???? dont ehy all lie???? isnt he a businessman?? isnt profit whats only on their minds???

creepynau said...

yep typical good all ppl and and there so optimistic lies and minipulations. wonder what they thought about when they make those remarks to begin with. they could atleast say we have plans to do this that and this!! and we will try to atleast do as little damage to enviroment.

one thing i know is agriculture is the worst form of pollution in the world we just dont see how crazy effects it has when we use chemical pesticides. i am sure these hydroponic guys wont use bio pesticides or use organic agricultural methods to farm.

most ppl dont even realise it they think the new age chemical stuff is good for enviroment when it says no CFC and non toxic. how ever when it kills it kills everything and that mean 1000 of years of natures nutrient formation bugs and microbes dead in one go. good on ya thats the typical so called sustainable and clean green agriculture around the world not saying only these dudes.

so i reckon they shouldnt call it not harming enviroment at all just say we try our best to not harm yet then harm. thats the way to go bunch of liars.

Hassan said...

Yeah!yeah! thats what all the developer keep on saying"there wont be damages" how do they define damage first of all???? dont listen to them n keep an eye on them ,this is the regime that have been lying to us last 30 years so!!!! and can we belive these crooks,they have already damage so many place in this nation so whats its gonna be????????

Shaff said...

Ofcourse they won't harm the environment. Businessmen...they never harm the environment...look whats happened to Maamigili outside...the place is full of sediments...Let's sign a petition and try to stop this guy! Why can't the government give another place for his business????

Anonymous said...

i feel really disgusted ... ive always been in love with the underwater life ... n since i got the oppportunity to go for diving ive fell head over heels with the life beneath the landlubbers ... its a really sad thing that these kind of issues go unheard off .. hope there wud be someone with great power to stop these ... i wud totally support n help in anyway i can ...


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Scuba Dive Maldives said...

Its tough trusting those developers... They make money off of selling the sea life, while they destroy it... They promise people amazing aquatic adventures, while meantime all they do is wreak havoc on the reefs...