Thursday, February 14, 2008

Slaughtering of the Sharks

A picture is worth a thousand words. A few thousand worth of stuff is down below. See for yourself! LOCATION: H.dh Kulhudhufushi.

a few questions come into my mind
  • is it really worth catching all these sharks?
  • what kind of affect has it already created in the environment?
  • what kind of impact does it have on other fisheries and tourism?
  • how many sharks is caught per year?
  • who is behind all this?
  • who is looking our for all of this? where are all the laws to stop this?
  • what can be done?
  • is it too late?

Many thanks to the photographer who photgraphed all of this!


schmartypants said...

when was this taken??

zim said...

it was taken couple of weeks back

siadh said...

this is horrible *angry*. what can we do to help prevent this! I want to be part of whatever *determined* that needs to be done!

bulhaa said...

would showing these pictures and reportin it to the proper authority help???? :S

Anonymous said...

If reported .. what will happen is they will try to identify the species on the pic. and in the end they will conclude that they are infact legal.. that is they are not in anyway reef associated sharks.

fen said...

The above article is about the trade of shark fins/jaws in Maldives and the story of one man-- Ali Sodiq who owns a souveiner shop but does not sell these items. The environment minister in the above post has said that he needs support from NGOs etc.

When asked what it would take to ban their sale, Environment Minister, Mr. Ahmed Abdullah said: “We are already working on revising our laws so we can protect our environment in a better way.”

“This is a wonderful initiative!” the minister said of Ali’s campaign. “We have been thinking about this from some time ago and we need the support of the NGO and media sectors to move these things forward,” he added.

There are many ways to proceed from here. Are there any international laws that Maldives is signatory to or local laws that prohibit the catching of sharks?
- report to Media and Environment Ministry and Tourism Ministry
Find out the market that these locals sell these items to, generate awareness among the locals and petition the people who buy these items on the grounds that it is harmful to the environment.
Also, I think a more in depth inquiry into what is happening. If I am correct (please forgive my ignorance) most of the shark meat is thrown away after taking the fins and jaws, we could focus on that, find out which species it is, see whether the species is endangered, if not locally then internationally, international laws that protect sharks and also more documentation of the act, maybe more pictures of the sharks being killed, blood and all to incite public sympathy...
Ans also it is important to think of an alternative the shark fishermen can turn to if they do not earn from selling shark fins/jaws.
Get Ali Sodiq involved, he would be a great asset.
My two cents... Hope its helpful, probably you guys have already thought about this... Is there anyway we can help?

jAcKaSs!!! said...

pay them $2000 every week.! (they earn approlly that much during a good season).

Anonymous said...

This could not be stopped until the government starts to do a bit more for the cause, or we could take matters to our hands regardless of what others think………….

hamboy said...

This could not be stopped until the government starts to do a bit more for the cause, or we could take matters to our hands regardless of what others think………….

fen said...

What does taking matters into our hands involve?

I think it's important to first try and work through the system. I know about the successful petition to stop the trade of corals and that worked.
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I think the government has to make an effort to stop shark fisheries. Doesn't matter if it's reef or oceanic sharks. All Shark fisheries should be banned. The Environment ministry has to take this seriously...not comment saying they are doing everything they can. They don't give a shit...cos some of the exporters are connected to people in high places. Let's see what they would do when these photos are seen by tourists...maybe someone should advertise them.

Anonymous said...

Its a shame these shark Jaws are on display in Male' souvenir shops. Also, there must be a loop hole through which these guys export shark products from Maldives. If not they would not kill sharks. Therefore Maldives government should be responsible for this.

iddu's blog said...

Laws are there regarding shark culling. But MRc and MOFAMR is doing nothing. Coz at the end of the day money speaks for politicians and laymans as well. We are still unable to provide an alternative fisheries, think about the beche-demere species which are being wiped out. I heard the butts are so rare u could hardly catch a single one of those commercially valued ones.
Its not too late but lets form a green party and join the dirty poilitics

eagan said...

Awareness more and more is needed.....

zim said...

yup definatly more awareness is needed.
if the government is sleeping on this we need to take matters into our own hands.Something can be done. But for right now I guess the most important thing is creating awareness and trying to find a solution. And it is not an easy solution to find.
So fen who is this mr.sodig that can help?would he be willing and how can he help?you point out some pretty good ideas..

jackass why dont you try and get some funding so we can pay the fisherman 2000 usd per week.

actually I think a pound of shark fin is sold for usd 300 in retail

Lionel said...

This is a political situation. You have a case where shark fins are exported to countries as exotic food. It brings in revenue for the country. But it also will kill the tourism where people come to Maldives to see sharks while diving. I would try to get the tourism minister on my side and fight this. It will be muscle flexing between him and his counterpart in office. It will be a difficult situation and similar to whale hunting in Japan.

Julian Goffin said...

I have posted the Pictures of this and details onto a UK Diving Forum.... This is a difficult situation but nevertheless a Dispicible act of Slaughter.

How will the Tourist Shops be able to stay in business if there are no tourists to serve....


I simply Adore the Maldives and the Maldivian people BUT the Goverment Do need to try and Educate people to the Ethics of this slaughter.... It is not right and not a correct way to increase tourism in the Maldives.

Please Please Please look at other ways to raise tourism capital, look at the protection of these species, what will be next, Manta Skins on the wall ????

Julian Goffin

Fish said...

Zim... Guess we all need more awareness on this issue and maybe our fishermen need to be made aware of sustainable and profitable alternatives...cant think of any rite now :P ... Good luck dude

ONE FIN said...

this a very sad issue and first.. the problem is some people do this as means of income this what they do to put some food on the table for there children ... as far as i know there is 2 islands where people do shark fishing ... so unless we figure out how to deal with this we cannot do a damn thing

secondly ontop of shark fishing normal reef rishing is also having a negative effects on our ecosystem
so this is issues we can catch enough to sustain ourselves and tourist that visit us but surely we don't have enough to export if you greed will be the destroyer of our fragile and beautiful country

so why is no one doing anything about it ... well its because we a are ignorant i beleive and also the stupid and incompetence of the government they have no idea while the big dumb ass of a president get awards even recently as a protector of the enviroment ... so what can the people do ...


its not too late if we want our children to see the living creatures we see today then act now we must.


shweeeeet! said...

oh oh someone's heart broken :P

ok ok..i know its serious! but im not so into environmental issues so ive no idea of wat to say =\

errrm..i hope everythings gonna be alright? :S hehe :P

Fenfulhangi said...

We need More Scuba Diving Young People with a passion and education on all these issues!!!
PADI SCuba Diver

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fruityloops said...

this is awful! i had no idea it was this bad :S i guess i'm with the majority of the ignorant population on these issues... good work bringing it to attention like this...

i agree with julian goffin, "How will the Tourist Shops be able to stay in business if there are no tourists to serve....". if there is no demand there will be no supply. but its easier said than done. the government needs to do much more to educate the public and raise awareness on such issues. i support the idea to get the tourism ministry signed on for the cause but i doubt there will be much cooperation and if any attempt would be very fruitful. no harm in trying though.

i can only say the photos sickened and saddened me.

potato said...

Approximately 10 million sharks are finned per year, or 3 per second, or 190 per minute. Someone should do something =K

testingthewaters said...

Hi, I just came across your blog and will definitely add to my blogroll. Thank you for sharing the photos.

I have heard that many scientists believe that there are actually four times more sharks slaughtered annually for their fins than previously thought. Acientists estimate that up to 73 millions sharks are killed every year. That can be a tough number to wrap your head around.

If you are interested in learning more about an organization that is working to stop the practice of shark fining, pls check out the Imaging Foundation at