Friday, December 21, 2007

Fish it a serious issue?

It has been few weeks not since dead fish has been seeing floating around Male’ and the nearby islands. Some resorts said their staff had to clean the beaches hourly and took dead fish by the bag full.

So far no definite answer has been given by the government officials on the cause of this. Few speculations are in the air. Some says its hypoxia while others say it’s due to some kind of poisonous plankton or algae. Also there are some far fetched theories stating that this incident is due to some kind of pollutants caused by India or Pakistan.

This incident actually is said to have started several months back. Fisherman and Scuba divers in Meemu atoll reported that the fish were mysteriously dying in great numbers. Eventually it spread North to Felidhu, Ari and Male’ Atoll.

It’s not only the triggerfish, Odonus niger and the Unicornfish that has been dying. Lots of other species including the “reef fishes” and Wahoo (kurumas) has been seen floating around, dead. Benthic fishes such as stone fishes were also seen.

This phenomenon is still continuing. And we need to find out what’s going on here and take action. If all the fish in our seas die what are we going to do?

stone fish, dead and bloated up

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