Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Great Divide - Khandhogu Hanguraama!

The people VS the island chief

The people of L. Gan, Thundi avah has dug a trench across there main roads. Some people on the island are taking sand from the beach and selling it to the building contracting companies. This was done to prevent the pick up trucks from going to the beach area and transporting the sand across the island.
I think somewhere in some rule it says that it’s illegal to take sand from the beach of any inhabited island. The only places you could mine the sand is from the isolated lagoons which are not connected to any islands. And now people are taking the sand from their own island!
According to the islanders the biggest “Sand Stealers” are the island chiefs of both Thundi and Mathimaradhoo avah of L. Gan. The beach sand is being sold at 6 MRF per bag. Apparently hundreds of thousands sand bags has been sold by them!
The trench diggers said they had no choice but to do so. They had tried in the first place to be civil and go through the proper channels by informing the government and the police but no corrective action was taken.

its a beutiful place out there

wonder how long it would take until we cover the whole place with garbage

and poison all the life


Fenfulhangi said...

well this is a matter thst needs to be dealt harshly by gvt.. though we know rthey wudnt...the katheeb will probly get promoted to minister..

loa raiy be said...

i just want to say katheeb . or atoll chief or minister or even the presiden and oppositon parties of maldives just dont care abt the maldives. dont they no they hav to keep maldivees on the surface for them to rule the country or maumoon is planing to sink the country so he would be the last president of the maldives.

Ameer said...

This is nothing new happening in Maldives. Tha katheebs do whatever they want and the ppl are left helpless. Finally, they choose VIOLENCE.

Frozen Solid said...

Now these islanders would be taken to police for digging the trench, and atoll chief can carry out his work after he fill the trench again.

zim said...

no violence was provoked through there actions. I guess they dug the trench coz it was the least violent thing to do.

Anonymous said...

Sandmining is destroying Fuvahmulah.

Anonymous said...

this is a common site in the maldives, and big bussineses like universal resorts take part in this, recently there was an article somwhere about kurumba maldives taking sand from the lagoon, they used it in renovating the rooms which were crumbling, they are doing it even now, and in many resorts it is accepted practice, selling sea shells is also common in most resorts, and since they have connections in the govt nobody respods to claims

zim said...

the resorts can afford to buy river sand to use in construction. but the islanders would find it difficult to get it because of the import duties and the transportation costs.I think its one of the main reasons why this happens