Friday, July 13, 2007

Pink, the new Black?

Recently, a friend and I were going about the tourist souvenir shops at the STO trade center and we came stumbled upon a shop where they had pink coral for sale. The guy in the shop was cementing smaller pieces of the pink coral to make it into a big piece. Pink Coral along with Red Coral are one of the most precious types of coral and it is used in the making of jewelry and home deco materials.
It might not sound like a big issue taking a few chunks of some coral and selling it to the tourists. But in the long run it could lead to over exploitation like what happened to the Black Coral. Although Black Coral has been banned there was a time when this slow growing species was cut down and made into various items and sold as souvenirs along with the shark jaws and turtle shells.

I once saw a documentary on Nat Geo where a diver from Italy does very deep dives for the pink coral and is sold for quite an amount but this is the first time I’ve seen it being sold here. In Maldives. The representative of all the small island states. The follower of all responsible and sound environmental practices. And the leading example of conservation.

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Anonymous said...

next thing u know some other shit is gona be sold too. the department of conservation my ass more like department of destruction.
all ppl dose is make a show and think that will change. its not gonna unles we put the effort to change.