Sunday, July 1, 2007

Photoz 0005

filter feeding

twice the service

a dangerous client

sleeping hole

hanging out at Maldive Victory

old man of the wreck

inside....the shimmerings created by trapped air

creature from the deep

selt portrait...


susi said...

hey die pics r cool....wanna go diving rit now..hehe

transitions said...

awesome pictures!!!!
Do you know whether any steps are taken to protect wrecks? You know like keep them preserved or something???

zim said...

thanks.y dont u hope on a plane and come.

thanks for ur comments.

this is do u think there are any steps taken to preserve the wrecks?god knows in whats state the portugues wrecks are.

Fenfulhangi said...

hehe the wrecks are in a wreck awesum pics your light balance seems to ahve gotten much better

yaante said...

con creature eh. ey masheh thihaa kalheh nuvaane!

susi said...

hehe..verry funny..y dont u send a tkt..??? hehe

me said...

hey, great pics. nice work:)