Monday, July 16, 2007

Official Shark Awareness day

Did you know that last Saturday, July the 14th is the Official Shark Awareness day? It was just yesterday that I realized that that day before was that day. So here’s some belated enlightening for you all.

  • 100 million sharks are killed annually worldwide

  • 200 sharks are killed every minute (that’s 3 sharks per second)

  • Many millions die a slow death, robbed of their fins

  • Sharks reproduce late in life and have few offspring

  • 10,000 tonnes of shark fins are traded around the world

  • Shark finning is associated with crime and corruption

  • Once sharks are gone from the oceans, tourism all over the world will be affected, causing fundamental effects on local economies

  • Sharks are top predators of ecosystems - without them a whole range of species will be affected

Few months ago a friend of mine who works as a GRO in a nearby resort called me from Himmafushi where some of his guest were touring the island. There is a fish processing plant on that island apparently belonging to a local famous comedian and puppet of the regime and there was a dead big hammerhead shark being brought to the plant. After doing some digging he found out that this shark was caught just off Furana Fushi (Furana North-the dive site).

Sharks being the top predators play the part of keeping the fish stocks healthy. And without them the quality of the fishes are going to go down. And the food chains come crashing down. Sharks are highly migratory and they are moving around our waters. Most our country is the sea and most probably it is not monitored well in terms of who fishes in our waters, what they catch and what methods they use!


transitions said...

what are shark fins used for and why are they so popular? is shark meat eatable?

zim said...

yeah the meat is edible but its not consumed mostly. The fins is used in making a soup at chinese restaurants