Saturday, June 23, 2007

It has happened - The Reef Clean up of 2007

we came
we dived

we heaved

we shared

we heaved some more

we got what we came for

and we left!

More than 177 divers, snorkellers and other environmental enthusiasts participated in this years Reef Clean up. Approximately 779 square metre of reef was cleaned and a otal of 153 bags of garbage was taken. Amont the 177 particpants were 63 students from 4 schools of Male'.
Clean ups like this is crucial for the well being of the environment. With the increase in population and the careless care free lifestyle we have are damaging our eco system. When would be the time for us to realize and change all this. When the islands are washed away and when there is no life left except for scorpions anc cockraoches?

Check out the article Reef Clean Up 2000: Community Action


fathun.. said...

i always thought littering in the ocean or even the streets can be controled if there were trash bins on the road for ppl to use....
thanx u guys for doin ur share for our country.

zim said...

yeah it could be controlled to a certain extent. We used to see trash bins in a few locations sometime back.
The respective government agency rather waste time and money by sending sweepers through the island everyday instead of investing in gargage cans.

Anonymous said...

Great Job Maldivers!!!

x y said...

hey zim. u guys have done an excellent job! all maldivians should learn to love and care for our beautiful environment. i think the only thing they need is just a little guidance and encouragement from leaders.

susi said...

hey u guys did great n a wonderfull job xim...keep it up...wish i was mayb next year huh???

zim said...

thank u very much.

the leader eh?hehe

transitions said...

when the islands are washed away, there will be no scorpions or ciockroaches... poor things
so you liked the article huh? :D
Awesome work, the greatest example of social corporate responsibility i know. GO MALDIVERS!