Saturday, June 23, 2007

10 steps for a clean up event

1. gather the people
2. send in the divers
3. send in the snorkellers
4. gather the trash
5. send it up
6. hook it on
7. pull it up
8. drag out of harms way
9. sort out and record data
10. have fun


AH-San said...

zim thigolaa tha
when did u start bloggin

fathun.. said...

wow..great work guys!!! Thanx!

zim said...

who else?why cant I have a blog dude?
Thank you very much. It wasnt much but it was something (I think).

transitions said...

Gret post! You forgot to include the ethics and philosophy of a clean up tho

x y said...

hey these fotos aren't from this yr's clean up. are they?

zim said...

its this years.

x y said...

hehe. I was asking coz the banner on last foto says 'reef clean up 2000'!

zim said...

reef clean up 2000 is the name of thep has been going on every year since 2000.

kalhusoru said...

hehhe will join next year good luck on ur hard work