Friday, March 16, 2007

El Massacre

We do have quite a dolphin friendly fisheries. I've never heard of an instance where dolphins were caught or accidently caught. (Ok there might be a few catches every now and then)

But for Japan its a very different story, where thousands of dolphins are killed every year in the cruelest of ways. Check out the video to see what I'm talking about. Hundreds of dolphins are driven ashore by boats and once they are rounded up and trapped in the shallow waters, they are slaughtered. The whole area turns red due to the blood.

Outraged are you? Click here to sign the online petition against this.


f1x4n said...

Why are we humans so empathic when we witness cruelty to higher order mammals, especially intelligent ones such as monkeys, dolphins and whales, while most of us have no problem with chickens, cows or even fish (sharks excluded)? Do you suppose we can relate (on an emotional level) to these animals while we somehow disengage from the rest, because of their domesticated nature? I guess the chickens are doomed, because we are so desensitized to their agony.

zim said...

You make a good point. I am not trying to justify anything here but chickens and cows are bred for human consumption and they are not considered endangered or whatsoever. And we do not use cruel methods in "harvesting" them. I'm not sure you've heard of it but the fisheries which uses destructive methods is very much frowned upon.

suicidal imbiciel said...

JAPANESE PPL SUCK in relation to there ill respect the enviroment. they kill whales just so that they can show the world they can do it not that they need it now bastards i tell ya.

Fenfulhangi said...

i think this it the cause of lack of awareness and globolization and all that jaapanese WW2 losss and dealing with lsoss and all

transitions said...

theres a lot of cruel methods in harvesting especially chickens, did u knw that in parts of the world in chicken pens they have a light on for twenty hours so that the chicken thinks its day and keeps eating and eating? the poor things get only four hours of sleep per day! and they dont get to run around and enjoy the sunlight or whatever.

it may not be bloodshed like in the video, but it sure is as cruel as the dolphins.

abt them not being endangered: there are no wild hens or cows anymmore, without human beings these animals will not survive coz all their instincts of surviving, findiong food for themselves has been bred out over centuries of domestication. thats quite a mess of the eco system i think.

N@sYm2k7 said...

transitions is right, unfortunately it is also the only way as of yet to meet the market demand, otherwise chickens would be so expensive only the elite could have it(not that it isn't already true to some extent). no one is interested enough to invest money and time to research other more humane ways.
the reasons for stopping dolphin fishery is not cruelty alone,they are endangered and continued fishery might drive them to extinction, and as a food source they are dangerous due to accumulated toxins. people highlight the cruelty cos everyone can relate to it whereas not so many comprehend extinction and toxicity.