Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Photoz 0003

gathering of the hordes


the briefing

the descent

sun lit reef

school of oriental sweetlips, sways with the current

1 metre grouper moves up from beside you, swimming in the blue

porcupine fish out sight seeing

aimless wandering

a hawksbill turtle decides to race you
Avanti Quatro vs Nature

sunshines even to the depths

schools of fish swarms above

your view gets darkened a bit by ...
"yeah, you wanna say"

you hit the max. depth

the divemaster, seemingly quite narked, gives the level-off signal

fairly odd pair
goby and the blind snapping shrimp

simply red
bushes of red gorgonias fill up the sea floor

the well camouflaged flutemouth, stalking

looks at you

turns around

shows off its smooth and polished back

then turns away, looks to the left

then right

and takes off

up and away

cools off near a sea fan

unterwasser magic mushroom

while some sleep

others are out

hunting the small fry

doing a headstand

another place to cool off

peaking inside

local dentist/surgeon/beutician

sheltering inside

mess of colours

hard shelled

crunching away

divers best friend

sleeping featherstar

polyps out, currents up

pesky unicornfish that was hovering above my head (you can see bit of my hair)
so I shot it
(with my camera)

and it went away

drifting along


balloon up

its been a great day discovering local diving

going back home

"...to dive along the coral reef is to dream with both eyes open. You drift, soar, glide in silence through sprawling cities inhabited by millions of strange creatures..."
Quoted from the writings of Tom Melham, 1978