Friday, January 19, 2007


Who is a Salt Water Person? I am a person who has to go to the sea everyday. Friends of ours go there several times a day. Almost all the people I know has the urge to go there and goes when ever they can. Maybe that’s because a lot of people I know are divers or some sort of water enthusiast. Basically that’s who we are. But there is nothing basic about what we do.

Iruvai (North-East Monsoon) is ahead. What does that bring us? More diving of course. Weather is clearing up, sea is getting calmer as the “Iruvai Halha Jehun” (rough patch during the North-East Monsoon) comes to an end and the spring currents are flowing through the atolls creating excellent visibility. For those of you who want to see the “big stuff”, explore you favourite dive sites in a different perspective or just ride the current, Maldivers DC and Xiphias awaits you.

Wish you all a great time down there.


suicidal imbiciel said...

yah sucks bein in nz with such great diving back home. everyone should look down under not up above

cynicalparalize said...

i dunno how to swim..or it necessary to know how to swim if u r diving? or there is sumthing else?

f1x4n said...

I second suicidal [sic] imbiciel. People are spending way too much money and resources exploring the heavens above when we have so much left underneath the watery infinity (right next to most of us). An apt name for a bubblehead's blog btw. Hehe, take that as a compliment.