Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Photoz 0001

hanging on

Alibeys and the life boat

salt water kids

Latche' at Okobe

Roses are Red,
The Oceans are Blue,
Protect high seas biodiversity,
and the world will love you.

The lovable blobfish,
© Norfanz/Commonwealth of Australia

Cick here to learn about the protest green peace had about protecting the biodiversity of the ocean

The Sea Has a Secret... Actually Lots

I wonder who came up with the phrase “On gods green earth”. Only some landlubber would claim that the earth is green. The earth is blue. Sometimes purple, sometimes it may seem a bit greenish and during some seasons you can see some white among the blue.

The earth is referred to as a water planet because most of it is in fact water. But how well do we know out aquatic environment? We know more about the surface of the moon that our deep sea oceans. More species are being discovered everyday. People are finding new things about the flora and fauna that we already know of. For example scientists have discovered that a fish species on the Australian Great Barrier Reef can sniff its way back to the patch of reef where it hatched.

So what does this hold for us? We have easy access to one of the most diverse ecosystems in the world. Anythings possible to see on what you may think as a simple dive. Theres so much to see out there and most of the waters are yet untouched.

The chance for discovery awaits you!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

you feel as it is

just you and the blue

Saturday, January 20, 2007

State Of Our Seas

Today we had our usual Saturday dive trip. Our second dive was to Lions Head. Visibility was excellent and a nice current was flowing into Vaadhoo Channel. Trevallies and dog tooth tunas were in full action chasing a school of fusiliers as we drifted past the Lions Head of the Lions Head (rock formation in the reef which resembles the head of a Lion to some people). After we drifted about 30 metres past that point my buddy and I saw a big game fishing pole with a reel settled on the reef slope. Fishing line from it was all over the place. So we disentangled the line from the reef and took the pole.

Lions Head is a protected marine area and one of the most closest to Male’. Do people really know that protected marine areas exist? Does the concerned government office inform the public about the laws regarding those places? No! At least to a certain extent. How many times have we seen people fishing at Emboodhoo Kandu or Banana Reef? We need to work to make people more aware of the importance of these places. It’s not only the resorts and the divers responsibility to take care of the sites. Government needs to open its eyes to what’s going on and in our seas and take the necessary measures. Some sort of monitoring system should be introduced to preserve these locations.

And as for the owner of the fishing pole, we know its very expensive and all. You’re not getting it back. However if you manage to convince us with a story like “actually I lost it near Villingili and it drifted all the way to Thila Faru” we might consider returning it.

Friday, January 19, 2007


Who is a Salt Water Person? I am a person who has to go to the sea everyday. Friends of ours go there several times a day. Almost all the people I know has the urge to go there and goes when ever they can. Maybe that’s because a lot of people I know are divers or some sort of water enthusiast. Basically that’s who we are. But there is nothing basic about what we do.

Iruvai (North-East Monsoon) is ahead. What does that bring us? More diving of course. Weather is clearing up, sea is getting calmer as the “Iruvai Halha Jehun” (rough patch during the North-East Monsoon) comes to an end and the spring currents are flowing through the atolls creating excellent visibility. For those of you who want to see the “big stuff”, explore you favourite dive sites in a different perspective or just ride the current, Maldivers DC and Xiphias awaits you.

Wish you all a great time down there.